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Michael J. Benzmiller
Webmaster for “Home of Danceaholics” since 1997 
7456 N Greenview
Chicago, Illinois 60626

(Cell) 312-371-6430

In 2017, daylight time begins on March 12 and ends on November 5.

In 2018, daylight time begins on March 11 and ends on November 4.

Funding of DanceAHOLICS WEB SITE

Danceaholics is a self funded web site.   
Danceaholics receives funding from the personal funds of Michael J. Benzmiller, Chicago, Illinois.  
Danceaholics does not charge or expect any compensation from dance clubs listed, national events listed, 
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If you have problems with this website, contact the webmaster (Mike Benzmiller). 
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Danceaholics does not sponsor events
and is not responsible for events cancelled by the event coordinators or clubs.
Please check the detailed page on the Danceaholics web site ( dance schedule ) for all the current information on all events listed.
I would strongly recommend that you check the event web site to see if there are any changes to the event listed.
The listed events are mostly swing events (Lindy, Jitterbug and West Coast). 
Danceaholics does not send e-mails out.
Any e-mails sent are from someone else and not from Danceaholics
and do not reflect information from Danceaholics.

                                                                    Mike Benzmiller (Webmaster for Danceaholics)